National Voters Registration Day

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Fifty years after the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed, there is still injustice everywhere we turn. Women are fighting for equal pay and the right to choose life. The lower class have been walking picket lines and creating picket signs as the battle to increase the minimum wage gains traction. Impoverished rural communities and underserved urban school districts fight for facility upgrades and updated educational resources environments. The war on religion is still rearing its ugly head – I’m sure, not coincidentally – as remember September 11th. The African American community is still healing from a violent act of domestic terrorism in the aftermath of the Mother Emmanuel Church Shooting, and shining light on police brutality through #BlackLivesMatter.

Let’s face it, most of the causes in which our parents and grandparents marched, sat, and died are still relevant in 2015. One freedom remains: our right to vote! And let’s face it, without letting our voices be hear and our votes count, this freedom is in jeopardy. It’s no secret that voting is the key to truly seeing change, evolution, and some victories to the battles that we are still fighting 50 years after the Voting Rights Act – and not just on a national or gubernatorial level, but on a local level. Posting our frustrations regarding the issues we have within our communities on Facebook and Twitter, or share countless Tumblr memes mocking politicians and their political views is simply not enough… we must follow the lead of the previous generation(s) and continue be the change agents within our communities by hearing the issues, studying the candidates and their views, making our vote count!

Today is National Voters Registration Day. If you are not registered to vote, take 10 minutes to switch from Facebook and register today. If someone you know isn’t registered, encourage them to do so today. The link to register is below.

Remember, change does not begin with the political leaders, it begins with YOU. Carry the torch that our predecessors lit over 50 years ago. Register to vote.


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