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SC Top 20 Under 40

Ebony K. English

Ebony K. English is a mother, an entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor, Class of 2002 graduate of Columbia High School, a proud Benedict College Tiger, and a true southern girl born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina.

Growing up Ebony struggled to find her place in the crowd, and always felt like the underdog. At a very young age she battled with insecurities, anger, resentment and a broken heart due to the absence of her biological father. In attempt to fill her fatherless void, she often found herself suffering in silence and using alcohol as a coping mechanism. After years of alcohol dependency she was delivered from alcoholism in January of 2015 and has since transferred all dependency to God; our one true healer.  Turning pain into purpose, she is now an advocate for silent sufferers, Certified Recovery Coach, a Peer Support Specialist to homeless adolescents in her community, Founder of Saved, Sober & Sitting Pretty and P.A.C.E Yourself Youth Foundation.  Saved, Sober and Sitting Pretty’s mission is to empower women and walk alongside them as they design their purposed filled lives and declare victory over the battle of alcoholism and other addictions. While P.A.C.E Yourself mission is to encourage the youth to prevent alcohol consumption and educate themselves in a time when they are most susceptible to the temptations of engaging in risky behaviors.

Ebony is an encouraging force to all she encounters. Finding peace with her pieces has motivated her to share her story to all open hearts and ears as she speaks to the conqueror inside all of us. She is very passionate about inspiring others to convert yesterday’s failures into tomorrow’s successes. Using the power of transparency, speaking from the heart, sharing very emotional stories of triumph, and loving on people who are where she once was is a gift that she proudly possesses. Her impactful message encourages the young and the young at heart to acknowledge their power, passion, purpose and to show up for their own lives, use their voices to speak loudly, and to max out in reaching their full potential!