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SC Top 20 Under 40

Cassandra Goodman

Cassandra Goodman is a Certified Life Coach, Bestselling Author, Founder, and Writing Contributor.

As a Life Coach, I help women to overcome their pain, fear, and struggle to birth their purpose. I help transition them from their NOW into a clear path of life that has meaning to them. I believe that everyone is already equipped with everything they need to live on purpose. All it takes is for someone to help birth it out. I am that source.

​​I am the Bestselling Author of I am Women: 21 Triumphant Women Sharing Their Journey to Embracing Truth and Their Authentic Self.  It is a collaboration of courageous women who share their true life stories from pain, brokenness, betrayal, abuse and rejection to living a life of fulfillment, joy, forgiveness, peace, and freedom. The book teaches women how to turn their pain into power and to stand on their stories as triumphant women who overcame.

I am also a Writing Contributor of Rejoicing Hope Magazine. It is an online magazine whose mission is to help women who are lost, hurting, and suffering in silence live a victorious life filled with hope by empowering them through the written and spoken word.

I am the Founder and President of the nonprofit organization, Women on a Move. Our mission is to promote a positive network among women, we advocate for women’s rights, promote leadership development, and we dedicate time throughout the year participating in community service events.

I am a volunteer with the YWCA of the Upper Lowlands.  I am also the co-chairperson of the Logistics Committee of the South Carolina National Kidney Foundation Team. Our mission is to bring awareness to others about kidney disease.