Kadenia M. and Chris Javis- Javis Tax Service

//Kadenia M. and Chris Javis- Javis Tax Service
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Project Description

The creating and building of the Javis brand has a distinct as well as unique history. The Javis family’s branding of the Javis name started in the 1930’s by John Wesley Javis known in the community as “White Eyes”. Mr. Javis operated several businesses while establishing his family during the 1940’s through 1960’s. Mr. Javis farmed, shoed horses, was a carpenter, owned and operated a BBQ pit, was known for producing some of the best moonshine in S.C. and N.C.

Mr. Javis and his brother William Javis known as “Frog” found their best business and branding opportunities in logging in the late 1960’s through the mid 1980’s. During that time William Javis built one of the largest African American owned logging outfits in Columbia as his Big brother John Javis cheered him on from the sidelines while in his 60’s. The two brothers had built a brand name that was well known from N.C. to G.A.

They also birthed a group of business owners, leaders, and great followers of the Javis brand. Such as Chris and Kadenia Javis whom passionately and tastefully elevated the Javis brand name with biblical principles and developing strong family values, which have come with a great deal of long suffering, but of course for much that is given; much is required.


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