Dr. Ronald L. Rhames- Midlands Technical College

//Dr. Ronald L. Rhames- Midlands Technical College
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Dr. Ronald L. Rhames is the first alumnus president of Midlands Technical College (MTC), and he is the first person to graduate from a  South Carolina technical college and later became its president.

“At MTC, we are committed to providing higher education with real value; to preparing students for four-year and advanced degrees; and to delivering hands-on, first-class skills training to fill the in-demand jobs. We do this all at a great value for students, parents, and tax payers,” said Rhames.

Dr. Rhames received an associate degree in management from MTC, a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Benedict College, a masters’s degree in administration from Central Michigan Univeristy, and a doctorate of business administration from Nova Southeastern University. In March 2015, Dr. Rhames was named the sixth president of Midlands Technical College, where he has been employed since 1990. Prior to being named president, Dr. Rhames served as MTC Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

“MTC if a life changing institution, and I’m proud to count myself among the thousands of alumni who are out there making the Midlands a better place to live and work.”

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