HEALTH FOCUS: Get in Shape This Spring presented by Roper St. Francis

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The days are getting longer, and warmer, and you’re probably getting a touch of spring fever. You’re eager to get out and refresh the garden (ok, overhaul it!) and maybe get yourself back in shape a bit. Spring training is not just for major league baseball players, but unlike professional athletes, the rest of us don’t have a coach to get us motivated, and to make sure we’re exercising smartly.

So how can you find a spring training model that works for you?

Fortunately, our Charleston community has lots of active-living resources. Whether you are aiming to complete the Cooper River Bridge Run/Walk, or just want to go for a nice walk around the block without feeling achy afterwards, we’ve got some suggestions to help.

  • Check out the affordable, convenient exercise programs with Roper St. Francis Advantage. From Zumba to yoga to walking groups to Tai Chi, Advantage offers programs that are inexpensive and geared to people of various levels of ability.
  • See what’s going on at Charleston County Parks and Recreation. CCPRC offers lots of programs, plus pleasant, safe and easy walking trails and bicycling trails, all over the county. Whether you want to bird watch at CawCaw or bike at Wannamaker County Park, there is something for everyone at our parks.
  • Get your family in on the act. Make an evening walk a family event once a week, or ask your spouse, parent or sibling to help keep you on track with your own exercise goals and plans.
  • Make it fun! Exercise that feels like a chore just won’t get done. So find something you enjoy – whether it’s ballroom or shagging dance lessons, a stretching class, or maybe even paddleboarding. There are lots of options in our beautiful region, so be adventurous if you like, but do make it enjoyable. Fun = success.
  • If you get hurt or feel achy or experience pain during or after exercise, get it checked out sooner than later. Roper St. Francis has experienced sports medicine specialists and physical therapists who can help you get better quickly so you can stay active. Call (843) 727-DOCS for an orthopedic doctor.


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