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#BLOGTalkSeries: SCDOT’s Division of Minority and Small Business Affairs

The mission of the South Carolina Department of Transportation’s (SCDOT) Division of Minority and Small Business Affairs (Division) is to […]

South Carolina Black History: Alonzo J. Ransier

Alonzo Jacob Ransier, an African American Republican from South Carolina, held a series of political posts during the Reconstruction era. […]

The City of Columbia’s Second Annual #GoRedColumbia Fashion Show

WHAT: The City of Columbia’s Second Annual Go Red Columbia Fashion Show is set to hit the stage on Friday, […]

South Carolina Black History: Joseph Rainey

Rainey was born in Georgetown, South Carolina, on June 21, 1832. His parents had been slaves but his father purchased […]

South Carolina Black History: Denmark Vesey

A slave, Denmark Vesey spent 20 years sailing with his master. In 1800 he purchased his freedom, took up carpentry […]

South Carolina Black History: Morris Brown

Morris Brown was born in Charleston, South Carolina on February 13, 1770. His family belonged to a sizeable African American […]

25th Anniversary Celebration: THE SHOW

There are many drumlines, but only one beat!
Our 25th Anniversary celebration continues into February with our Black History Month […]

#BLOGTalkSeries: Palmetto College at University of South Carolina

Contribution by Palmetto College
Many South Carolinians have had to put their education on hold because of time and place constraints, […]

25th Anniversary Celebration: “Through The Night”

2016 is here, and we are beginning to kick off our 25th Anniversary celebration at Thomas Media Group, LLC and […]

#BLOGTalkSeries: The Impact of Boeing South Carolina: We Are Building More Than Just Jets

Contribution by Boeing, North America
Boeing’s commitment to South Carolina is as solid as the 787 Dreamliners teammates built here.  Our […]