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Florida Black Expo suspends Operations for 2018

Over the past two years our Florida events have been impacted by significant weather events. The staff and management of the Florida Black Expo has decided to suspend operations for a 2018 Florida Black Expo traditionally held in October. The impact of both Hurricane Matthew and Maria in consecutive years adversely impacted the planning, implementation and effectiveness of the annual Florida Black Expo.

The Expo has served the state of Florida and NE Florida specifically the past 16 years growing into one of the largest events targeting African Americans. The Expo historically requires a year of planning and the weather-related challenges of 2016 and 2017 severely impacted the event.

The Florida Black Expo has enjoyed its role in the education, enlightenment and empowerment of citizens in the NE Florida community and beyond. Our plans include moving the Florida Black Expo to the Spring of the year (outside of the Hurricane Season) which would allow us to maintain the quality of the event the community has grown accustomed since 2003. Please look for updates on future Florida Black Expo dates!

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Event Highlights

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